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Agency Connexion Podcast

Oct 31, 2017

Jonathan Musgrave is the founder of Wired Advisor, a digital marketing agency specializing in generating affluent client leads to financial advisors. He's been in the financial services marketing world for over 11 years and is passionate about taking this largely offline market into the digital marketing space. Jonathan recently ditched the commission and recruiting field marketing organization model to become a fee for service marketing agency, and has rapidly become the go-to agency for the top financial advisors looking to market online. Wired Advisor is adept at building up content-based, automation funnels. But the majority of their work is filling local, educational events for advisors with Facebook advertising. Jonathan is also the creator of Anademy: The Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Ad, a training program teaching his proven strategies for marketing on Facebook.

In this episode we will talk about CLIENTS.

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