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Agency Connexion Podcast

Feb 7, 2018

Andy Van Solkema is Chief Designer at Open Systems Technologies. As Chief Designer he is responsible for the practice, vision and integration of design services while infusing human-centered design mind-set with OST’s strong technology experience. Andy also is founder of Visualhero, a midwestern based experience design studio, where he practices on strategic projects as a Principal Designer. Visualhero, the official design studio of OST, offers a systems approach to creative problem solving by helping organizations take insights and ideas to action.

Today Andy will talk about:

  • What’s the worst part of your job? Why?
  • How do you find good staff?
    • How do you staff a project?
    • Do you offer continued training to your staff? What does that look like?
    • What do you do when a team member/staff fails at a project or their job?
  • How do you find good clients?
  • How do you actually provide success to your clients?